When Everything Seemed Perfect

Evanns M

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A brand new family A mom, dad, and a beautiful baby Just bought their first house together Who knew that phone mom had would be the end of little Haley? But for now they’re riding together blissfully Singing songs and planning for their next adventure in Sicily When everything seems perfect no one sees what’s truly happening Once a door is opened it’s often hard to close it Repeatedly distracted and so far no fatal accident A repeated action often develops into habit And then a way of living Then thoughts of invincibility begin to kick in And suddenly past warnings seem too distant Danger isn’t real when you’re so alive and kickin’ Those two seconds of distraction become consistent A repeated lapse in judgement Or maybe it’s conscious reckless action Some think life is decided by our choices Some think it’s decided fatefully But for that little baby Haley, For her, it was decided fatally.