Im sorry

Alyssa L

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I’m sorry I didn’t think that my actions would result in you saying goodbye to me I’m sorry I didn’t know that the 3 seconds of me texting “almost there” would cost me my whole my life I’m sorry I don’t know why it was so important to send that text when I could have just texted “here” when I was safely pulled over in front of the house. I’m sorry Mom and Dad I’m sorry Mom because I didn’t give you a grandchild to love and hold I’m sorry Dad for not allowing you to have the opportunity to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day I’m sorry Sister for not being able to stand beside you on your wedding day as a bridesmaid I’m sorry Brother for not getting to celebrate your future birthdays with you I’m sorry Grandma for not being able to call you everyday and tell you about my day at school I’m sorry Grandpa for not attending my dream college in which you were so proud of me for I’m sorry Best Friend that you won’t have someone to laugh uncontrollably with anymore I’m sorry Mom and Dad for not listening to you when you told me to never go on my phone while driving I’m sorry for putting other families lives in great danger on the road I’m sorry in that moment me texting my friend was more important than my future I’m sorry