The Realization Of Fatal Driving

Antoine K

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In today’s world, there is a lot of fatal fatalities, and one of the most common is fatal car crashes. This type of faithful accident hasn’t just been created oh no, this thing has been around ever since cars or even the mode of transportation has been created. Now the fateful car accidents, they are a mix with the third party being completely at fault, or either the third party isn’t at fault but blame of the other party is thrown on him or her. Usually what causes these car accidents is the lack of attention of the driver’s surroundings. For example, Imagine a guy that is texting or talking on the phone with someone, and then his focus on the road is suddenly ripped from his hands and is thrown on the phone call. Because of that, his attention of his surroundings were too late and he suffered a brutal fatality. This is a prime example of what not to do on the road when there are other people on the road. Now the other outcome is that he would’ve survived the fatality but the third party didn’t and the death is on the guy’s hands. Now note that he doesn’t have a intentional harm for the other person that died instead of him, but…since he wasn’t being responsible he is now seen as a guilty party of killing someone, regardless if he did it or not. So now him being a normal person is facing time in jail for a long time for as something as little as texting/calling someone on the phone while driving, which would lead into a fatal car crash. Now let’s talk about how we should stop these fatalities. The way people can stop doing this is being aware and self aware while driving on the road, they should disregard little distractions while on the road, they should think about their choices more logically, and people should keep in their minds that if they make a car accident, they will make people sad if one or both parties die.