Distracted Driving By Casey Thompson

Casey T



(Chorus) Seems Like everyday we see that story on the news, yeah. A young kid he was on his phone while he’s driving home from school, yeah. He didn’t look up and see that the light was turning red, yeah. Head on collision now that teenage kid is dead, yeah. We’re so distracted by all these notifications. Snapchats, text messages ’round the nation. Why do we need instant gratification? You put your life at risk by being impatient. (Verse) And I got a plan. And it’s not that hard. Just give me your ears. And let me start. Lets turn our phones to airplane mode. And turn the music down until we get home. So many people lose their life By driving recklessly at night. Some people want to drive the speed of light. Don’t care ’bout keeping kids alive drive twenty-five. And they don’t care about a stop sign. All they want to do is drive fast. So their either getting pulled over. Or their getting in a bad crash. Stay safe, drive the speed limit. That’s how you make your life last. Keep your eyes on the road. You ain’t gotta worry ’bout a Snapchat.