Just one

deirdra f


Just one text just one call are you really ready to risk it all? you think of the consequences but don’t see them fully you try to resist the temptation but lose it all just one life just one second you risk your life for a sentence your phone rings your ready to answer ready to give up your loved ones forever you couldn’t wait? you had to retaliate? just one sentence just one mistake the most important text of your life and you just couldn’t wait? it set your life into perspective without a way to go back wanting to change your decision but its too late for that dead or alive it doesn’t matter when you read the text you said,” I don’t matter.” giving up a conversation that couldn’t wait to save your life you needed that day no way to move no way to feel no way to tell what is real passing on story to story to others who don’t think it will happen to them no one listens until its to late just one text just one call just one life just one second just one sentence just one mistake can change it all just one


Texting and driving is a serious matter that kills people everyday. This is a real issue that needs attention. Some states ban texting and driving but there are still people who do it. I want to bring awareness to the topic all together so that people know the true dangers.