The Mistake

Meredith J

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It was two years ago today that Becky lost her friends, and all she could think about was that night. That night when she didn’t want to spend the night with them. All she had wanted to do was go home and be alone. Now, it’s all she can do. Jill had decided that she didn’t want to listen to her synth-pop playlist anymore, and Vivian was texting in the passenger seat, so Jill changed it on her own. It was the mistake that cost them everything. It only took two seconds. Two seconds. But they were the two seconds that killed Becky’s best friends and the woman driving the other car. Three people died in a two second mistake that could have been avoided if Jill had kept her eyes on the road or if the other woman hadn’t reached into her glove box for a tissue, causing her to swerve into their lane. ‘It’s no use thinking about what could’ve been,’ Becky thought to herself. She knew she couldn’t change that night. ‘But it wouldn’t have happened if I never asked her to drive me home.’ Becky looked into the mirror in her bedroom, tears forming in her eyes. The accident put her into a wheelchair, maybe for life, and her closest friends in the ground. Not wanting to look at herself anymore, she turned away and called to her mom to help her get into bed.