Is It Worth It…

Katlynd L

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Beep Your phone goes off You grab it A message from your mom “Don’t forget to pick up the milk” “Love you, drive safe” A loud noise it’s a horn You look up headlights You wrench the wheel Too late BAM! Flashing red lights Loud noises A swarm of people surrounding you Wind howling Rain Pitter pattering on your face Cars smashed and dented Pieces everywhere Everything seems a blur Then, black Warm hands grabbing you picking you up Placing you on a surface Your in a roaring vehicle Breathing mask placed on your face Air forced into your lungs You breathe (gasp) Then, black Your eyes jerk open Light, so much light Your surrounded by people in white Oh white, so much white, Everywhere Your mom is sobbing as you rush by Mom, you want mom Then, black Beep beep beep You wake to a vexatious noise Beep beep beep Pain, oh so much pain Murmuring you hear murmuring Doctors are all around you Then all is dark The brightest white light Is shown upon your face Then you feel at peace and calm You see your mom sobbing “Mom” you call out No answer You feel harmonious Then, beep beep beeeeeeeeep