All It Took Was Just One Look

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All it took was Just One Look It was a warm August night, I was invited to my girlfriend’s house for dinner. I got a text, it was my girlfriend seeing if I was close to her house, I thought I could slip a quick “Yes, babe” text. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, I was t-boned by a semi truck. My dads car, totaled. My girlfriends promise ring I was planning on giving her, demolished. I lie there lifeless, with no future, as I just graduated college with a doctorate. She came to my funeral. She gave my mom a hug. The next day, she went to a movie with some other boy. I ask myself… was that text really worth it? Worth everything that I’ve ever had and everything that was going to happen in the future? Don’t text and drive, it can always wait. All it takes is just one look and your life can change forever.