Driving and Cell Phone

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The use of cell phones in cars has been controversial for years, yet still only 10 states in the country ban it, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. But increasingly people are using their phones not for talking but for surfing the Web and texting, prompting pop psychologists to talk about smartphone addiction. The difficulty facing police is the tricky nature of enforcing such laws, however, even when there is the political will. Police in Massachusetts have complained that it’s difficult for officers to get into a position where they can see that a driver is texting on a phone, rather than just holding a device or tapping a contact to place a hands-free call. Demanding the phone and checking the timestamp on a message once they’ve pulled a citizen over seems a little too invasive. Brace yourself for a painful learning process, as police pull people over more often and hand out expensive tickets until everyone breaks the habit. Or finds a new distraction.