If Only…

Autumn R

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As I watched the crash scene unfold into a world of chaos and madness, I couldn’t help but watch in disbelief. If only- “Miss!” A man in black turnout gear yells excitedly at the limp girl in the front seat. Other men with the same attire swarm the car holding various types of heavy looking metal tools. They quickly position themselves and begin to cut the car apart. Carefully, as to not disturb the unmoving girl inside, yet they work so fast it is but a blur to me. More shouting and sirens erupt to my right which causes me to turn. I look over at another car that had been hit, the front bumper is gone and front end of the car smashed to half the size it used to be. Paramedics and firefighters pull a boy, who looks to be in his early twenties, out of the driver’s seat and load him onto a stretcher and quickly leave in an ambulance with him. Thankfully, he still moves. I look back at the scene before me and watch as they begin to pull the girl out of the driver’s seat. Her shirt soaked in red liquid from the wound on her head. I begin to silently cry as I watch her lifeless body being moved. How could this have happened? Why did this happen? But I knew why. If only, I took a second or two to put my seat belt on… If only, I hadn’t sent that text… I would still be alive.