In the Driver’s Seat

Naheemah B

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You’re in control Two hands on the steering wheel And you’re in control In the driver’s seat, you’re always responsible For your passengers Yourself And the people that share the road with you 17 Distracted Irresponsible Reckless And still none of that is accounted for See when you’re in the driver’s seat, Things like that get tossed off to the side…. They don’t matter. You’re still responsible and in control That night…that fatal night, I was responsible…. In control so to speak but I wasn’t. Because if I was…then I’d acknowledge a simple and straightforward fact…. Designated drivers don’t text and drive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick ‘hello’ or a quick ‘goodbye’. YOU DON’T TEXT, period. But it was just one text. I really believed that would be one text. That one text couldn’t do any damage…that it wouldn’t change anything. But it did, because that one text turned into two then three and then the next thing you know it’s five texts. Five texts that ruined lives, destroyed families, and cost people the gift of life. Now, sitting in this cold and hollow prison with metal bars that cave in around me, I regret taking that text. I regret letting that text turn into two then three and then five texts. I regret designating myself as the driver, As the one in control….the responsible one. I regret texting behind the wheel. I regret choosing that text over the gift of life. I regret not taking the time to realize that my friends had unbuckled their seatbelts. I feel guilty and shameful, for knowing that one day when I get out of here…. I’ll have to tell my children, that their Daddy, there beloved father….killed people. Blonde curly locks. Light sapphire blue eyes. Rosy cheeks. It’s a little girl running in the street. Tall. Funny. And special. My two best friends in the back seats. Dead. Gone. Irreplaceable. All because I couldn’t put my phone down…. All because I couldn’t wait, or look away. Why didn’t I wait? Maybe a little girl would of grown up to be a modern day version of Rosa Parks or Albert Einstein. Maybe two teenagers would’ve gotten the chance to start their lives in college. Dave? Max? Lily? Dead. Gone….. I can’t get them back. So if you didn’t get the memo, DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE. Because not only do you destroy yourself in the process….you destroy lives. What will it cost, you?…