Clarissa G

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I know how to drive, It is not that hard. You buckle up, Check your mirrors, Adjust your a/c, seat, and radio. After all that, check your surroundings, And then you can take your car off park. Once on the road, Keep your hands on the wheel, And eyes on the road. It is not that hard, So why can’t you? You know how to drive. You tell me to calm down, That you know what you are doing. That does little to ease me. Every time you look at that screen, Every time I hear that chime, I wonder. Do you know? Do you know how far we went In the seconds you ‘glanced’ down. Do you know what happened on the road While your eyes were distracted? You know how to drive, Nothing has happened. Yet. I can’t help but wonder, what if they did? What would your mom do? Your sister? The rest of us? I can’t help but worry. Don’t wait for something to happen. It might be too late, And I’ll think, it was a chime That could have waited.