Shaunik K


From first hand experience, I understand the importance of this issue, thus I am so passionate in making a change. It was a regular Friday night coming back home with a friend from a soccer game. We were talking and laughing when all of the sudden he got a notification on his phone. Unfortunately it being a very normal thing, he picked up his phone while driving and responded to his text. Next thing you know- BAM! We had hit a parked car on the street and everything was fuzzy. Lucky for us we were not badly injured. The cars however, were not so lucky. I looked over to my friend as he said, “Oops”. I was sitting their thanking God because the situation could have been so much worse, and things like this happen everyday. I am looking forward to educating people on the importance of distracted driving and how it needs to come to an end. That way no one’s last words will ever be “Oops”.


This was a true story that really did occur. It was a scary time and it really opened up my eyes on the importance of not using phones while driving.