It Just Isn’t Worth It

Jordan M

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Distractions. Distractions are everywhere. They are within our heads. They come from other people. These distractions hinder us from reaching our goals. Our goals are what motivate us to do something we care about. Goals can be earning that A on the biology exam Friday or making dinner for your five brothers because mom is out working late tonight. Behind the wheel, the primary goal is getting from point A to point B. Back to distractions. They are all around us, especially in a car. These distractions are our passengers who get a little obnoxious. These distractions are the music blasting from your black 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer. How is this music being played? Oh that’s right, an auxiliary cord. What is that auxiliary cord hooked up to? Your iPhone. Stop. Your goal is to make it from point A to point B. Is the drive that long where you need to be on your phone to change the song, check Snapchat, and send out texts about lunch? It just isn’t worth it. With every decision we make, we need to assess the risk. Does the risk involved only you? Does the risk involve your beloved pet? Does the risk involve your best of friends? IT DOES NOT MATTER. Driving distracted just isn’t worth it. If the contents inside your own car are not respected with full attention to the road, your fellow drivers who may be on the other end of a fatal car accident deserve the respect. Everyone’s life matters. Let’s end distracted driving today. Let’s throw our phones in the backseat. Let’s turn down the radio. Let’s relay the rules of our car to our friends. We can do it. We can prevent accidents, and save lives. I am hopeful your point B is towards your loved ones and not Heaven. Stay safe. Stay cautious. Live.