Driving Made Safer

Luis C

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Driving. Arguably the most enjoyable and wished for privilege a teenager wants. Us teens make mistakes in our lives in almost everything we do. In academics, relationships, and unfortunately while driving. I must admit, driving is a lot of fun, the freedom of being able to take myself where I need to go without relying on anyone else is amazing. The first issue that I have with teens and driving, is that we fail to educate someone before getting behind the wheel. If we better educate people way before they get into a car on the correct way to drive, what to expect, and how to stay 100 percent focused on the road, the lives of many teens could be less at risk. More specifically, I believe that there should be a course, taken either online or in a classroom, that teaches students about real-life scenarios on the road. From personal experience, a program like this is extremely helpful because it really showed me what I did not know about driving. I already had my license when I took this course and I was in complete shock by how much the requirements that are set up already, failed to educate me about driving. The course would consist of multiple sections and chapter with quizzes at the end of the section and test at the end of the chapters. These assessments will be put in place to make sure that the student-driver is paying attention along the way of the course and not just skipping everything. The information will not simply be fed to them by a voice with some text on a screen, but there will be live visuals and hands-on activities that the students will need to complete in order to move on in the course. If the student were to fail any of the quizzes, tests, or the final exam at the end of the course, they will be required to get an 85% on the respected assessment in order to move on. In conclusion, a course such as this one may seem annoying and completely useless but in the long run, it can really help people become safer drivers. Teaching this information to young drivers who are just starting to learn the road will definitely benefit them as opposed to hurting them. It is better to fully educate someone rather than giving them only some of the information needed and allowing them to learn the rest for themselves. Lives are never anything to be played around with.