The View From Above

Jade W

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I never liked the smell of burnt rubber. Also, all this smoke is kind of irritating. You know, asthma and all. That’s why you see my inhaler in the cup holder there. What’s that red mark on the windshield and dashboard? That’s weird, didn’t used to be there. Wow, I didn’t know I had so much stuff in my backpack. My To Kill A Mockingbird is over there on the side of Gabriel St., reminding me life’s not always fair. How did it get all the way over there? Oh, shoot! I forgot my paper was due next week. Alyssa and I were gonna work on it together. Prom is next month. I hope the committee will remember that list I made for them. Ugh, my phone screen is shattered. I just got that phone. It looks so dull and pointless now. I don’t remember what I was looking at. Dad’s car just pulled up really fast. He’s always in such a hurry. Like really dad, slow down. Especially right now. Please. Hey, save the little green bracelet sissy made for me. May have to look around, I think it got thrown somewhere. You know how much it meant to me. I’ve never seen that look on mom’s face before. It’s hard to tell her how sorry I am. I can’t tell her how much I love her. And how much I miss her. Now that I’m up here.