My Youth

Arian S

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The summer after pre-k I was forced to leave my home and move. I would have to leave the place I called home, Miami, and move away from my friends and family. Like most children my age I did not want to leave home and the idea of having to make new friends was terrifying. Nonetheless, I was forced to move and uproot my life. My family had moved to Naples, a small town of about 8 thousand people, and it was about 2 hours away from Miami. Close enough you could almost be there but just far enough for you to remember it was not home. There, I stated first grade and it was very odd, the rules were different and the people were strange. Furthermore, since most of the children knew each-other, I was the one left out. For the first time in my life I felt alone. As the months passed school became worst and I missed home even more. Half way through the school year my mother told me we were moving back to Miami again. This excited me and I was filled with joy to be able to see my old friends again. But instead I was put in a temporary school to just finish what was left of first grade. Summer then came and went again and by this time I was at already my 3 school in just one year. Although, I enjoyed this and was able to make friends. School, which was such a lonely place, became fun again and i now had friends to sit with. Through all of the changing of schools and lack of friends my grades took as tremendous drop. I was doing poorly in almost every subject, except Spanish, and I could not get ahead. I felt like I was starting a race that I was late for and it had already begun. The idea of being held back was then introduced. My mother, knowing my situation, involved herself and took another shit at work to be able to hire a tutor for me. I learned many things and was able to catch up. Most importantly, I learned to study ever night and to do my homework. These habits helped me pass the second grade. But they also stayed with me and during third grade I was working like I was still behind in the race; I was actually getting ahead. During that time, I found my passion for school and learning. The idea of learning something new and being able to apply it. In retrospect, The challenges I faced in my youth lead me to the student and man I am today. In the years that followed I am still running my race and continue to work as hard as possible.