Wishing to Turn Back Time

Christopher A

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I wake up, dreading that I really am in this place. I never thought I would end up here. I miss my parents, my family, everyone, and everything I used to have . I have to deal with these darn inmates everyday and I was beaten up pretty bad yesterday. I still can’t believe what I did; texting and driving I caused the death of two college students who were about to graduate. They were on the Dean’s list and had a whole future ahead of them. One was going to law school, while the other was going to go NASA. Their parents must be suffering every single day, knowing that they will never see their daughters ever again. Not only did I ruin those girl’s dreams and their families, but I also ruined my family and my goals. I was about to graduate. I was on the Dean’s list and I was going to go to medical school. But I had to ruin it. I had to be texting and driving. I literally just looked at my phone for what seemed like 3 or 4 second, but that was enough time to cause a tragedy. When I was in the court room hearing my sentence, I saw the girl’s parents and my parents I just bursted into tears. I was hearing my sentence and once I heard the judge say 15-20 years, I collapsed. Even though I had passed out, I could still hear and even see my mother sob out and my father hugging her. It felt like my soul had left my body for a short period of time. Once I woke back up, I yelled out to my mother, I love you and I will miss you. I have served 3 years of my sentence. Since I have been in good conduct and not causing problems, I only have to serve the 15 year sentence, well I only have 12 more years to serve. My life has been ruined. I will never get the chance to go to medical school. It will be really hard to find a job, adapt to the environment because much will change by the time I get out, and I will achieve my dreams. If I could only turn back time in order to prevent the chaos and pain that I cause, everything would be alright. Unfortunately, I can’t do that, but to all of you teenagers and adults, if you are reading this, you can prevent this from happening and save a life because you will end up in jail or dead if you keep texting and driving.