Texting and Driving

Hailey H

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Texting and driving has had an effect on my life in a number of ways. Many people will write about how they have lost someone who was killed by a driver texting and driving. I do know those who have lost members of their family. I would like to take the standpoint of the offender. Shortly after getting my license I quickly became one of the many teens who were texting and driving. This caused the first accident I ever got into. I was driving down a busy street and a car pulled out right in front of me. I wasn’t even looking at the road when I hit them going 40 MPH. Their car spun and my airbag exploded in my face. I got out of my car shaking and confused. Suddenly this lady ran up to me begging me not to call the police as she was an unlicensed driver. This accident was ticketed to the other driver. Thankfully nobody fatally injured. I initially was shaken but not as affected as I later would be become. I was asked by a friend to help with a project about texting and driving. My role was to write the obituary of the person killed in the accident. As the words melted off my pencil onto paper I felt every ounce of remorse possible. I cried and cried as I felt the sting of what could have been taking a life in my accident that day. I sat in the crowd as the obituary was read to an entire high school audience. I again felt like I was trapped in a jail cell. As many students felt the impact of their actions only to last and wear off when they left that crowded gym, I felt that sting forever. I quickly realized how lucky I was to not have killed anybody that day. I felt the consequences of my actions every time I see a story on the news or I see another teen with their phone in their hands while driving. I have since coached many younger teens, family, and friends, not to text and drive. I have found that sharing my story helps others understand the impact of your choices. That text or phone call can always wait. It is not worth seriously injuring or possibly killing an innocent person. I believe that it is so important to educate today’s youth and have presentations and examples in every high school across the United States. I was also presently surprised to see the laws on using electronics and driving become stricter. It could be any one of us coming out on either end of a terrible accident due to texting and driving. Don’t become another statistic.