Slick Road, Dead end

Derrell S

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The roads were slick you were enjoying life you were only 16 baby girl, on your way back home from seeing your loved ones enjoying your cold winter night, regardless of the weather. But you never knew that would be your last time. Last time laughing,hanging with your loved ones ,shopping, or even driving. If you drove with a little more caution or a little more slower would you still be here? I know you can’t control what this weather brings and to be specific it brung ice, but you could control the speed you were going you could control the way you drove, maybe you didn’t know the ice storm was coming. That moment you slid and hit the other car you knew from their on out it was slippery but I guess the semi-truck didn’t know the storm just had started either, when he hit you that’s when he realized. The difference between you and him was you hit the car and the three people involved were okay, but when the semi came sliding down the same way you came only two made it out. Just if you drove a little more safe you think you would still be here? Still to this day it doesn’t feel real. You held on for so long the paramedics couldn’t get to you in enough time. You were so strong, your friend comforting you talking to you while you were holding on to that precious life that was just starting. They finally got to you and you didn’t make it. That morning I woke up and I never thought in a million years I would lose someone as close to me as you.