Suppress Notifications within Navigation Apps

Logan W


Phones and driving bring to mind two things: Texting and GPS. Today, navigation is easier than ever thanks to various mapping services easily accessed through smartphones. According to one study, 68% of survey participants claimed to use their phones for navigation while driving. Although it is still dangerous because of tendencies to look off the road onto the screen, I think we can all agree that a glance at a map is far less inhibiting than texting, which requires a hand and more attention on the screen. And to a certain extent already here, smartphone use for navigation is here to stay. That said, an effective way to help reduce accidents caused by texting and driving specifically is to take advantage of the many people using their phones for navigation. The solution? Incorporate notification suppression features into navigation apps to prevent users from receiving texts while they are presumably driving. If people don’t receive texts, they won’t text back. The texts will come in as soon as the app is closed– the moment the foot comes off the pedal.


This was an idea that I had after a while with a driver’s license. My brother and I always ride together, and he always has his phone to help navigate. I noticed that I have a terrible sense of direction and rely extremely heavily on a phone to get around. That was the start of the idea, that recognition of the prevalence of phones for navigation. I realized that I would never use some of the other ideas like locking phones while moving above a certain speed because I need my dear GPS. Eventually, this ideas just came to me. Thank you for reading!