That Day

Nadiyah W

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Tim got his license that day Turned sixteen Time to go play Moved on from toy cars To the real ones instead Says he didn’t study The driver’s manual all the way “But it’s going to be fine Can’t you see? We’re out at night No cars to bother me.” He rolls the windows down Music blaring loud Laughing the whole way ‘round Car swerves from left to right He nearly hit a tree But he’s still having fun with me I’m holding on to my seat For this roller coaster ride Tim switches to gear three And shifts into overdrive Even the leaves shake Fearfully on the trees Didn’t pay attention To the railroad lights Didn’t pay attention To the rules to drive That day, our heartbeats Synched in fear and intertwined Seatbelts. Seatbelts. Where were they? Not strapped on the way they should have been Hit the brakes so hard We nearly flew into the sky Next thing we know He and I Are bedridden Can’t feel my feet Can’t feel my legs Can’t feel the nostalgia Creeping up again We’re just happy to see another day So don’t be like Tim and I And rush to drive away Study hard and get some practice in And when you finally get your license Drive responsibly with an adult And read the driver’s manual carefully