Mia C


My siblings run and play in the yard Their favorite time of day I sit inside, the sun goes down This is a game I never wanted to play Late nights are spent in silence The halls I walk alone All the time I think of you I wish you could come home My sobs, they wrack my body This mind tears me apart We will never again meet face to face Am I still in your heart? Former friends sometimes stop by “Hey, are you okay?” No comfort can be found in them I wish they would go away My eyes are slowly sinking This body cannot feel Not knowing where you are That you will never heal I hate myself for hurting you It can never be reversed I smile for family on occasion A face that is rehearsed My heart will always beat for you At the end of every day I hate myself for thinking That your life was worth a “hey”


Too many people still believe that it is okay to distract a driver, or to drive distracted. Whether it be driving under the influence, or having the radio turned up too loudly, it is deadly. Nobody believes that it will happen to them. One text is okay, right? Wrong. If you are driving, put down the phone. If you are drunk, call a cab. If your friend is driving, stop texting them. Refraining from dangerous activity isn’t hard, but handling the guilt of a crash is.