Creating Safe Drivers, One Day At A Time

J'Lynne R

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According to statistics, younger individuals aging from 16 to 24 drive distracted as a result of their cellphones. In addition, it has been noted that approximately 11 teenagers die every day due to reckless and distracted driving. In order to eliminate this issue, we have to focus on the important matter: safe driving. If you have to keep your cell phone on turn it on Do Not Disturb, however, enable the settings so that only those such as family members and other loved ones can reach you in case of an emergency. If you have to answer the phone, pull over into a safe area and then proceed to respond to a call or text message. When you establish these guidelines for yourself pertaining to when you or someone else is driving, it eliminates the possible risk of reckless and distracted driving. It would be unfortunate for another innocent person to become another statistic. Remember, having access to a car is a privilege at this young age NOT an entitlement.