driver life Impact

Vianney C


Cars Should have a sensor that it will alert people with a beep when they get closer to another car while driving. Cars should also have a voice reminder, that reminds people every time to drive safety. The majority of people who are in their phones while waiting for the light to turn green are young people and do not even notice when it turns green. Cars should have a sensor on the bottom of the car that will let them know when the light turns green. Cars should have a sensor to alert the driver of upcoming lights with a voice that will tell the driver that a light is coming up that way people don’t go through the red light. These innovations will prevent car accidents.


As society there is not something we can really do to prevent car accidents. Because this is something we have to fix individually. we are that ones that get distracted by everything that is around us and our phone. the only things we might able to do is to have something that will remind us to drive safety. we can also have something that will alert us when we are getting closer to another car and that can alert us of the red and green lights. this will not entirely fix the problem, but it will lower the amount of car accidents in young people. All this can be done by creating cars that are capable of preventing and alerting people of dangerous in the road that can cause a car accident.