can you remember? I can.

max c

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Can you remember? I can. Two seconds dad, only two that’s all it took. Is it because that thing held more value to you than me? Dad? I heard you scream but it was to late. Did you hear me scream? All It took was two seconds dad, and now I’m gone, dad. Why me? Dad, that two seconds took all of me. But did it even take a piece of you? Why couldn’t you have just left it there dad? I’m gone now because you had to grab that. Your screams echoed in my head, but do you remember? I tried to warn you dad, but you didn’t listen. That thing had more value than me. I bet you would listen now dad, to my screams, my warnings. you didn’t then, but you would now. But I’m dead. I thought I could trust you, you were my strength, my support. But dad that’s all gone now. I can’t trust you. I miss you dad I hope you miss me too dad.