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Sara H

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I know that you can hear me My voice leaves an echo in your mind Laughter leaves pain in its place We were supposed to travel together Graduate side-by-side We swore we’d never say goodbye There is still a stack of journals Waiting on my nightstand It’s been 6 months, look inside! There is my life Cut short, but still full But where could we have gone together? I see you are in my room The carpet is damp with your tears The bed crumpled where you lay paralyzed with grief My glasses are dirty, crimson stains on glass A cup sits with water, almost empty It is as if you think I am coming back to finish it That day was perfect, it’s not fair you got to finish it and I didn’t Rhythm swayed my head side to side Hair whipping in the wind Bursting color all around Bikini’s tied, ready to soak in the warm ocean swell I looked at the waves, rocking to our music I didn’t see it Once I did it was too late The rolling sensation still makes me sick It’s not your fault I heard your scream It hurt, but only for a little while The sirens came, but I was gone My only pain was knowing you were hurting You wept Mom and Dad were called They rushed to see you and mourn me They were so proud of us I miss them, their perfume and the warmth of their embrace You felt it often after I was gone My body rests in the ground Daises are my marker You knew that would make something so wasteful A little more beautiful If only we had waited To enjoy the waves on our skin We would still be together I hope you go to school You always wanted to go Achieve great things I wish I could go But you and I know I cannot My heart will be with you always How I long to be together once again But for now, live on Just as the tide rises and falls But darling, please get to your adventure Before you live them I cannot bear for you to lose your life as well Turn down your radio Look ahead Take pictures once you are there
 If only I had done this We would be together But since I cannot, please make sure you do The road goes on As does life But be sure you are around to go with it