Wished You Payed Attention


Dear Dan, I wish you payed more attention to the road. Your “I’m almost there” text could’ve waited, but now it is too late. I was excited to ask my son how was his first day at school. Things could’ve ended differently just by simply refraining from texting until you reached your destination. They say distracted drivers drive almost a football field without paying any attention to the road. I never knew this would be my last day alive, but you never know when it’ll be your last. Please attend my funeral and spread awareness on distracted drivers. I hope you find your peace. Sincerely, Kyle


This is a letter is written by a victim who died in a car accident by a distracted driver. This victim was a family member and a father. I know what it is like to lose a family member from a car accident by a distracted driver. This piece highlights the significance of safe driving, and how distracted driving can take away someone’s family member.