“We Were”

Madison O

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You. You were supposed to meet me at the restaurant, It was our anniversary. You were supposed to graduate, With the degree you worked so hard to get. You were supposed to. I saw the pictures of the crash. I saw the seat I had sat in so many times, Crushed from the impact. I saw the picture of us I stuck in your center console, Laying on the cold, lifeless ground. I felt the weight of the world, Crushing me from the inside out. My heart stopped beating, When I saw yours stop. Why did you have to pick up your phone? Why. We were supposed to get married, I still wear your ring. We were supposed to have kids, I still dream of them every day. We were supposed to go travel the world, Because you knew how much I loved nature. We were supposed to spend the rest of our lives together. We. But now there is no we. Just a lifeless me, Because of your impulse to pick up that phone. If only you had known, That here is where we would be. A figment of the past. Would you still have done it? You left me here. What am I going to do? You were my everything. We had a future. Had. That is all we are now.