Don’t Risk It

Megan S



I wanted to target the impact of texting on teen drivers through my poster. From my experiences driving with my own friends, I have seen just how common of a distraction our cell phones are. More than once, I have nearly been in a car accident while my friends have stared at messages popping up on their screens every second. Even if the phone is placed away from the driver, a notification noise will instantly cause them to reach for it and answer. More so than other things that can impair a driver, our phones are more likely to impact our safety behind the wheel as they are objects we’ve become accustomed to having on us at all times. I have become more conscious of how dangerous this every day item has become, and have tried to remind my friends to look forward while on the road. I have even begun to offer to answer their messages for them. Still, this is not close to enough. Because a texting driver is 23 times more likely to get into a car accident than a non-texting driver, texting as a distraction when driving was the most important topic to target in my art. I want what I have created to impact young people who drive and remind them of the reality that could lie ahead of them as a result of one message.