An End to Reckless Driving

Kyle K

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I believe that a realistic and reasonable way to decrease or put an end to reckless driving is to provide two solutions that could decrease the amount of accidents caused by reckless driving. The first solution would be to increase the punishment for people if caught using their phone and driving in order to create a deterrent to texting and driving. The next solution would be to create an app that when activated shuts off you’re phone. People may argue that you can simply do this yourself however the reality is that no one shuts off their phone while they drive. This would provide a means to properly shut off you’re phone until you reach you’re destination. The app would determine how fast you are going and if you are going under a certain MPH (say 3 for example) the phone will turn back on. Either one of these solutions could very well be a means to ending reckless driving if given enough usage and support by our community. I very well hope one day one of these is implemented and proves to be successful, giving our future kids safer roads one day in the future.