Puzzle Pieces

Jasmine-Ruth P

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All I am is puzzle pieces Scattered on the table I’ve learned many things from you I thought that I was able But nothing could prepare me For the sight I had to see I know you’re surely confused Dad So let me set the scene Remember when I learned to drive Hours spent behind a wheel I begged to drive all alone Now look at our ordeal I was riding late night with my friends Our plans had just begun We sped our way up to the city Hoping for a little fun But Dad We didn’t make it there I’m not as good as you Because I thought I could text and drive We didn’t make it through It happened in an instant Who knew I’d lose control My friends and I rolled in the car A group of helpless souls Don’t feel bad for me I made my choice And now I pay the price But dad, when you teach my sister to drive Don’t pick up the device