I Tried to Teach you

Kaitlynn D

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I tried to teach you. I told you to always drive the speed limit, Never talk on the phone or text, Always stop and yield, Be careful at night. I taught you all the rules of the road, I thought you would listen to your mother, I never thought I’d live the to see the day, When I buried my only child. Why do these things happen? I tried to teach you, I know you were listening. You were a good boy, You always got straight A’s, You were never late, How is this the end? I tried to teach you I dreamed about your graduation, Your wedding day, The day I’d meet my grandchild, Now I know I’ll never get to see those days. I tried to teach you, And I know I taught you well. You never broke the rules, You never texted, You never sped, You followed all my instructions; But I forgot about those other children. The ones that don’t wear seatbelts, The ones that text and drive. I tried to be a good mother and teach you right, But for all my teaching, I forgot to warn you about the ones who run red lights. For all the things I taught you, I never thought I’d have to teach myself How to say goodbye.