Keep Your Eyes on The Road

Maria R

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There you were just driving in your car You didn’t think that it would matter, your house wasn’t even that far. The text popped up, it was pressing on your mind Little did you know that one little thing would cause my life to unwind You opened the text and smiled, With your head in another space you swerved like wild. Now here I am, thrown across my neighbor’s yard, I hear the paramedic’s voice, i’m scared, it seems so far. You didn’t have to take your eyes off the road, That notification really could’ve waited til you got home Now my life is on the line, Just because you had to text and drive Now I won’t go to college I can’t even give my future kids my knowledge. My mom will never see me get married, Instead she’ll see me in a casket getting buried. You don’t need to drive with your music on max, Don’t think about it after drinking liquor or Jack’s And you don’t have to have the need for speed Cause if you do these, you’ve already committed the deed Please don’t partake in distracted driving, If you didn’t, kids like me wouldn’t be dying If you payed attention and kept your eyes on the road this is something I wouldn’t have to say If you payed attention and kept your eyes on the road maybe i’d live to see another day