The Flatline

Riley L

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I know he said he would be off of work an hour ago, but where is he? I text him; he responds that he is on his way. This gives me time to arrange my gifts and prepare for his entry through the door. I sit in the entryway and wait. Minutes pass which turn to an hour. I text him again with no response. He must still be driving, or picking up flowers for me on his way home. I sit back onto the floor and continue to play with our new puppy. I decide to give him the opportunity to name her this evening. Another half hour passes, and a knock sounds from the door. I find it weird that he wouldn’t use his keys. I open the door only to be stunned by flashing lights. The man speaks, my heart sinks. I don’t think about the puppy who has disappeared from my grasp. It all happens in a blur. I can’t remember how I got there, or where I parked. I run through the front doors in hysterics. I check into the front desk before charging through the halls. Upon seeing his room I collapse onto the tile. The doctor comes in and states that he is in critical condition. I am handed his items. “Are you melanie?” the man questions. I manage to shake my head on my fiances chest. I turn to look at the man as he opens his mouth, “the last text he sent was to you, only seconds before he crashed.” Just then, the flatline sounds.