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Laura F

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Contrary to what most movies would describe funerals, the day was sunny and warm. Not a cloud in the beautiful baby blue sky. The occasional breeze, cooling you down from the sun’s rays. Headstones surrounded you. Big, small, decayed and new. Some decorated with flowers or gifts, and others seemingly forgotten. There were scattered trees everywhere. Some people were sitting under them – and if you hadn’t known any better you’d assume they were relaxing. Of course, looking closer it was more than obvious they were weeping. Oh, you loved them so. They were a middle aged couple. The man only slightly taller than his companion. His hair greying, wrinkles forming around his face. His eyes were soft, an earthly brown color. He was gently clutching the woman. She was obviously younger than him, if only by a few years. She was weeping, hands grasping the man’s shoulders. Even from your distance, you could almost hear her cries. Her hair had yet to lose color, a lovely light hazel color. You had gotten that from her. Averting your attention elsewhere, you could see other familiar people. Some you hadn’t seen in a long while, others you would see daily. You could see her clearly now. She had a darker hair color than you, much longer, too. She was always shorter than you, and you were undeniably sure she had stopped growing. Her eyes were downcast, and her usual bright ocean blue eyes had seemed polluted. She sat on a bench, considering her outfit – a dark colored dress. Long enough to be considered appropriate, but short enough to avoid resting on the ground. She seemed so foreign to you. She looked lost, and gloomy. Generally she was surrounded with others. While it would make sense she was lonely being outcasted, there was obviously another reason. Turning back to your original displacement, you closed your eyes. If you just hadn’t been on your phone. If you had just payed attention to the traffic lights.