Don’t take my future

Heaven R

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As kids, we are always told by our parents that we will accomplish great things. I’m sure you’ve heard it all from becoming the next president to discovering a better method of space travel. We build our lives to fit our prospective future’s whether that be finding our perfect soul mate or job. My parents always told me to be respectful, but to be wary of others around me. They always told me that my trust is something that should be earned and I shouldn’t be so easy to let it go. I have hope in others that they’ll know to do that right thing, but deep down I know that is never enough. Living on a college campus near a busy street I can hear the cars passing by keeping me up all night. Only a couple seconds pass by and I can hear several loud sirens. My heart feels tight and starts beating fast, then my palms start getting sweaty. I try to keep my closed and ignore the loud sirens to hope that an accident hasn’t ripped someone’s loved one away from their arms. All I can do is hope in my bed and trust that someone wasn’t reckless on the cold road. Each siren I hear makes my heart hurt because I’ve had an experience with a reckless driver. A night that was meant to be a celebration for turning the page into a new year turned into a heartbreaking race to escape what seemed like an endless road against an angry driver. I remember clenching onto the front seat and shaking from the fear of being trampled on the freeway. My brother sat next to me calling the police to come aid us from this unsafe driver who seemed to forget that we had lives and futures. Nothing deterred the car from our side and I felt like everything I worked so hard for was slipping from my fingertips. I wondered if the driver just thought of us as numbers in a system and that we were meaningless. In the crazy ride fighting for our lives on the hellish road in which we were celebrating a new step towards a better future, I already felt like mine was gone. I trusted that others around me took a sense of responsibility and care for when they stepped into their vehicle. I was hoping for that ride that I would make it to my graduation in June and go off to college in the fall. I was hoping that all the nights I stayed up for homework instead of hanging out with friends or family wasn’t meaningless. That I wasn’t working for a future that was about to end before my eyes, that all of these things were still waiting for me if I survived. Of course that night I did survive as my dad with years of experience behind the wheel protected us from the angry driver who speed off upset he couldn’t bring end our future’s. I suppose I got back my life but I’ve never felt like I truly did. Ever since that night I am wary of others around me, I don’t trust or hope for anyone to do the right thing. I still have my future ahead of me but tainted with a horrifying experience I can never forget. Drive safe, please don’t take away my future away.