A piece of Glass

Kira K

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Every time you think I’m staring outside I am actually looking at the reflection of you Taylor Swift playing on the radio, until it gets interrupted by your phone I hear the sharp ding ding of your phone And a smile appears on your face One hand travels to reach the phone And your eyes Follow with it. Why can’t it wait? I think I hear the click click of your nails tapping against the small screen My sad, sad eyes watch the road ahead Back at you Then to the road You aren’t even looking Has this piece of glass enjoyed listening to Taylor Swift with you? Has this piece of glass comforted your problems with hot chocolate? Has this piece of glass helped you with your Art project the day it was due? Has this piece of glass kept secrets of you sneaking out, from mom and dad? This piece of glass is greater than family? a life? my life? Another message is sent Another one typed. One is received. Your secondhand releases from the steering wheel And the car swerves uncontrollably Until it’s too late And this moment will forever be permanent As will your mistake But you coulda, woulda ,shoulda stopped! And now your mistake lays beside you every step you take Every motion, breathe, word you make As I rename gone forever All because of a piece of glass.