In an instant

Lesly G

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It was late afternoon and the sun was beginning to set, the nice aurora of the blues, pinks, and purples filled the sky with awe. I turned to my left and saw a couple and in that instant fury swept in my eyes. I despised couples as they reminded me that I was cursed to never be loved due to my skin condition. The surface of my skin was filled with spots like a dalmatian and crates so deep as deep as those of the moons. My heart was beginning to rotten as love seemed to always be absent. Hot tears started emerging out of my honey like hazel eyes, the tears ran slowly down my cheek giving my face a tingly sensation and my heart bottom less pit. I tried to wipe of this miserable face life had placed on me. I grabbed my phone thinking to call the women that had brought me into this world; I can’t describe her in many words as words are not enough to describe her. She has a melodious voice that seemed to anchor you down to her knees, a contagious laugh that brings happiness into others lives, and a complexion so perfect that you can rarely tell if she’s a person or something out of this world. She has a heart of an angel , and holds the key to heaven , her heart always open up to mine leading a helping hand. The commencing of her voice makes me feel as if I were to live in a perfect world, causing me to forget that I am behind a wheel. Suddenly everything goes black, I see a ferocious flame rise from a nearby vehicle, they seem to devour everything that was left from the car. My eyes begin to slowly close, making only running little blobs visible. I wake up to a constant beeping sound, a grand bouquet of roses, and the tranquility of an empty room. I look to my left and see “get better soon” gifts, I turn to my right and my heart jumps a beat as I see my perfect mother crying. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I had never seen my mom sad and especially crying. Her eyes meet mine, and her tears turn from sad tears to tears of glee, she gets up and slowly walks towards me . Her mouth moves as if she’s trying to tell me something, but all I hear is tranquility, she shakes my hand thinking I might be dead, so I shake my head to confirm that I’m still alive. Her mouth begins to widen as if she’s gonna let out a big storm, but yet I hear nothing. She gets up starts screaming and running, and soon my room is filled with nurses, doctors, and eavesdroppers. They open their mouths as if they too want to say something, but yet again nothing comes out, a rush of realization runs through my body and tears start running down my cheeks. I can’t believe what I am thinking, but I’m pretty sure I’m right, I’m deaf. The next couple of days go by all the same, quiet, sad, and remorseful; my mom tries cheering me up by baking some of my favorite treats, or take me out to places I used to love. All I could feel is sadness as I have come to realize that I will never ever hear the melodious voice of my favorite person on this world, the only person that loved me like I loved her. Starting tomorrow I was going to start sign language lessons, so I could at least tell my mom what I wanted or needed. The sun rose just like any other morning, I took a shower just like any other morning, but today was the end of my misery and the start of a new beginning. I got to my class expecting to be the only one, but was surprised to find a beautiful, fragile girl around my age; my heart started pounding and my eyes started melting. The teacher seemed to gesture something to the girl obviously in sign language and she started approaching me reaching her hand out as if calling me. I reached out and grabbed it, her warmth sending chills down my spine, that day was the day I met the love of my life. Soon I was thrilled to wake up in the morning, sure it was hard communicating with her at first as both of us were deaf. We started of writing each other notes like like kids, and soon with her help I learned how to master sign language. She had embedded hope and love into my heart, I had told her the tragedy of my incident, and she came up with an idea to prevent others from going through what I went through. It was a pair of glasses, basic glasses, but they had futuristic technology. These glasses could be worn on the daily like normal glasses, but once you entered your car a monitor would detect your entry and would activate the “instant glasses.” You would drive seeing what you always saw, but if the glasses detected sudden movements such as: reaching out for a phone, trying to get something from the back seat or etc. they would activate the car to make a stop to the nearest curb. This I thought was the greatest invention anyone could come up with, this was the start of not only a chance for those distracted drivers but for me and this beautiful women it was the start of our beginning as a love connection; cause anything can happen in an instant, a life can be taken away, or a new love can be found.