Driving Sestina

Elizabeth R

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It was the ride Driving distracted It was only one crash From the end of my life I saw nothing but flashing lights I couldn’t look away I couldn’t look away In front of me on my ride In the distance there were lights Twinkling, leaving me distracted A flash, a scrape, a life Crash! Crash! The world slipped away Or was it my life Or was it the ride I couldn’t think. Distracted. Flashing lights Flashing lights Are turned off so I don’t crash I will not be distracted I will not look away This will not be my last ride I value my life I value my life Flashing phone lights Should not hinder the ride They lead to a crash For if you look away You are distracted You are distracted Until you value life Keep your phone away So you can’t see the lights You aren’t addicted, you won’t crash You should just enjoy the ride Life is more important than lights Don’t be distracted, turn away The ride is not worth the crash