Be Safe Before it’s too Late…

Anna Y

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“Okay Mom I’m going to go to Jessica’s see you later!” Katie yelled as she walked out the door. “Ok! Drive safely there was a storm last night!” Katie’s mom said, “Yeah I will.” Katie said as she rushed out the door groaning as she closed the door behind her. “Ugh, why does mom have to have such a worry wart. It’s so annoying” Katie put her long blond hair up into a ponytail as she walked down the steps of her two car garage to her blue Honda civic. She opened the door to her car and climbed in then felt her pocket buzz. “Who could that be?” Katie said to herself as she pulled out her phone. “Oh it’s Jacob! He wants to talk, well I’m about to get on the road so I’ll just tell him I can talk later… Well I don’t know I’m a pretty good multitasker… Oh what the heck, I can talk now.” So Katie texted Jacob that she could talk as she started her car. As she was pulling out of her driveway Jacob texted her asking, So what are you doing? She answered, Oh just driving to Jessica’s They went on with their silly conversation.She started driving down the road on the way to Jessica’s house and got a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she pulled out her phone again and again to text back. So I think we should go out sometime, what do you think Katie? Jacob texted, Yeah that would be great. Katie replied as she tried thinking of what could be wrong, she was starting to plan a date with her boyfriend and on the way to hangout with her best friend. Because Katie couldn’t think of anything that could be wrong she just ignored the feeling. On Katie’s way down the road she continued texting Jacob, and while she was texting a reply then she looked up saw the car in front of her stop. She slammed on her breaks to try to stop in time but was too late. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, first her wheels lost their traction and spun out of control on the ice. She then slammed the driver’s side of her car into the car in front of her and she was completely numb, she looked down and saw that a part of the car door had stabbed into her leg and there was blood everywhere, she then she felt an impact from behind her and all the glass around her shattered. The glass was covered in blood, she then realized that the blood on the glass was hers. There was a throbbing in her head as she started understanding what she was seeing. Then something slammed into her face and everything went black. Once Katie woke up she could barely hear anything. The high pitched whine of what sounded like a whale was in the background and for a moment thought she was underwater. She thought she saw two people who looked like paramedics sitting near her trying to tell anything but they were too blurry and hard to understand. Among all the comotion then it somehow felt calm, with everyone freaking out she would have been too but she couldn’t, she just didn’t really care about what was going on. She closed her eyes as she let the peace flow over her as she slept never to open her eyes again. Later, Katie’s family rushed to her side followed by Jacob and Jessica. After the paramedics told them the results of the horrible accident left everyone in shock. Katie was dead and there was no fixing it. Unknown to Katie and her family the car in front of her was two proud parents bringing home a new born baby from the hospital, and the baby had died in the accident. The car behind her was an elderly couple driving home from a normal day and the husband had died in the accident too leaving the wife a widow. Teens don’t let your mistake of letting your friends or your phone get in the way of your driving. You may think that you’re good at multitasking or that one text won’t hurt. But it could hurt and you can’t risk your life or other people’s lives for something that you could just do later. Think straight and don’t do dumb things while driving, this includes no texting, driving impaired, calling, or turning your music up too loud. Be safe before it’s too late.