One Text, Two Decisions

Ashley R


She had a choice. A decision made in ONE second, Caused TWO broken machines, THREE bystanders calling 911, FOUR rescuers responding, FIVE minutes until cardiac arrest. By SIX o’clock that evening, Only a family of SEVEN remained; A total of EIGHT people’s hearts Broken forever. Until NINE days later, When the TENTH broke too, After learning that He had a choice. A decision made in ONE second, Just that one text, That cost his friend her life. It’s as simple as not picking up the phone when you drive. Don’t even glance at it. It’s as simple as don’t text another person knowing that they are driving. In the end, no one ever means for their text to end a life, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t or can’t happen. Drive undistracted for yours and the safety of others.


This is a poem written about what happen to my friend a few years back. He had texted a friend, and she was driving. She got in an accident and was killed within minutes of paramedics arriving. It is meant to raise awareness on the personal level of young people. They don’t always realize the responsibility they hold sometimes, until it’s too late.