5 Seconds

Skylar R

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Cruising down I-195, Your windows down with the wind blowing in your hair. You’re singing your heart out with zero cares in the world. You hear the familiar sound of text that just came through. You look down and smile because the boy you’ve been talking to answered. All it takes is five seconds to ruin your life. One second later you feel the rumble strip beneath your tires. Two seconds later you jerk the steering wheel to the right. Three seconds later you cross over the other lane. Four seconds later your bumper collides into the guardrail. In the fifth second, you flip over into the nearby ditch. You died on impact. How will they tell your family? Was that text so important? You just got into your #1 college, All for what, nothing. Was it worth it, Possibly ending another person’s life. How selfish could you be? One text and five seconds later everything is gone.