Inside the Mind of a Teen Driver

Drew R

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“Don’t text and drive.” Almost every single day teen drivers hear this simple yet valuable message. Sadly we live in a world where a quick text message can carry more weight than the life of a driver and the other people on the road. It is easy to fall victim to texting and driving. One minute the light is red and your phone goes off, in your head you think, “It’s just a quick text, there is no way it could hurt anyone.” The light changes to green and now you are driving, phone in hand, desperate to finish finish up that seemingly important text message. You are able to send that message and now driving is the only task at hand, until you hear the “ding” that lets you know there is another text on your phone that absolutely needs to be responded to. It is easy to fall into a deadly habit like texting and driving. In your head you think, “I managed to do it once, one more time won’t hurt me.” Soon that message is playing in your head more often than the warning, “Don’t text and drive.” Soon it is a routine. The need for constant connection outweighs the common sense at all times and a quick text turns in full-blown conversations at all times while driving. This epidemic that has swept across the United States needs to be cured or else the number one killer of teens will continue to strike again and again. The solution does not need to be complicated or involve some complex technological system. All that is needed is proper education and common sense on both sides of the equation. The dangers of texting and driving need to be implanted into the minds of all the youth. On top of that, teenagers need to hold each other accountable and be more responsible. It should be taught that if someone knows that their friend or family member is driving just to hold off and send the text later, on the other side drivers should alert those around them that they will be driving and to wait to try to text them. As long as common sense is exercised by everyone, teens all across America will be returning home safely time and time again.