I’m Alone Now.

Viviana H

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I love the sound of your voice, so light and free. I love the way you look at me, like i’m the only one you see. I love everything about you, every sense you spark within me. You left one day. You left me alone, but I know you wouldn’t do that, I know you wouldn’t want me to feel torn. They say it’s your fault, but I know that’s not true. Or maybe i’m in denial, maybe i’m too lost thinking of you. I know that you didn’t mean it, but I know what you chose to do. You chose let it go like you always do. Though I chose to give my heart to you, it only slipped away. All because you chose to think of other instead of thinking of you that day. There was no seat belt across your chest, You held your cell phone once you got that text, “Be safe.” is all it read. Oh the irony they said. The music was loud you weren’t thinking straight. In my eyes you buckle your seat belt instead, you let that text ring and focused on the road ahead. You turned the music down and thought about the turn ahead. But maybe I’m just in denial, because I know what you chose instead. I loved the sound of your voice, but it’s too far now. I loved the way you looked at me, but i’m alone now. I loved everything about you, but you’re gone now. How? No distractions, Put the cellphone away. Allow the seatbelt across the chest, Turn the music down, look ahead. Focus on the drive and safety instead, only you can control the action you persuade. Don’t become another statistic, learn it’s better to make it home and alive instead.