An app that will save lives

Alexander S

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An app that will save lives Most parents fear the thought of their little baby behind the wheel of a vehicle, the thought of their child growing up before their eyes. Many parents tell their children not to drink and drive or to be safe. However, many people seem to overlook the danger of distractions. Teens who are new to the road often times need maximum focus due to their inexperience. This is not to scare you; however, in this essay I will be going over many distractions young drivers face and a solution to this epidemic. Texting and driving is an epidemic that goes beyond teen drivers. The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Texting and driving causes many unnecessary crashes because the driver is road oblivious. Many of the unnecessary crashes happen most with red lights and stop signs, which many drivers must focus on because they don’t see the light or the sign. In fact, at least 1 in 4 of all car collisions involve phone use. Many people believe that you can multi-task while texting and driving; however, this is simply impossible. The road needs your full attention because everything can change in an instant. Another big distraction many teens deal with is young passengers. In fact, The risk of crash doubles with passengers under 21 years of age and quadruples with three or more passengers under 21 years of age in the car. Young passengers are a major distraction because they are used to driving with their parents who are more experienced. Whereas a new teenage driver will be totally inexperienced so a little distraction such as music, conversation, or touching can be the difference between a safe and deadly road trip. In conclusion, I have come up with a solution for parents to feel more at ease. It’s called safe bud, my solution to teen texting and driving. This app will be downloaded on your phone and will track users such as Waze to show your parents your current location and speed to ensure a safe trip. What is so unique about this app is its ability to lock your phone once your car moves. This feature does not allow the user to leave the lock screen, but does allow the user to receive calls in case of an emergency. Another special feature of this app is that it only allows speaker phones so that calls are simple and both hands stay on the wheel.