Don’t do it

Monica O

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Don’t do it You get up in the morning You didn’t get enough sleep Don’t do it You get ready for school You put on your make up Your friend texting you because your late. I have to hurry Don’t do it You take your aux chord in the car with you. Your riding alone and like you listen to music Don’t do it You get in the car You put your seat belt in and start the car You plug in your aux chord and put your favorite music in. And you start driving. Don’t do it You hear your phone ring. Ring! Ring! Ring! Don’t pick it up You let it go to voicemail. Now you are speeding because you are ten minutes late. HURRY! HURRY! You can’t get another detention. Your friend texts you one last time. Ding! “We have a test today and it is worth 25% of our grade.” Oh no! You can’t miss the test. You check the time and you have three minutes to get to school. You look up BLAM! DARKNESS Everything is spinning. Where am I? You here the sirens What happened? you look around you are fine but next to you is a girl and her father She was hurt. All she wanted was to spend time with her father. You hear she may never walk again. Think before you do. Listen to that voice in you head telling you not to pick up the phone Your actions could not only affect you but also those around you. Don’t have things near you that can distract you.