In Memory of You

Melanie B

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3/6/18 Today was a great day. No one was struggling to get homework done in time for their next class, seniors were getting their graduating cap and gowns, everyone was happy, and everything was just perfect. Extracurricular clubs were running smoothly, the musical auditions were starting, sports were getting out on time after a long hard practice. The only problem was the cold dry weather, as if mother nature was warning us that something terrible was about to happen, but nothing happened… at least… not to me. It happened to you. Why you? Of all the people in this world, the world that consists of wrong doers; the nicest and brightest girl had to die. After a day of laughter, happiness, and love, you left school expecting to get home to your family but you never made it back. You never got to try on your graduation cap and gown. You never got to tell your parents and siblings goodbye. You never got to tell the people you care about how much they mattered to you. You were so close to getting home but you didn’t. Instead, someone who wasn’t in any rush to be anywhere ran a red light and hit you. They were reckless and didn’t realized all the damaged they had caused for you and for everyone who cared for you. I wonder… what tomorrow will be like. 3/7/18 Today was quiet. In a school with thousands of students, it was deafeningly silent. It was even worse in the senior hallway. You could drop a pin and hear it ring and echo through the halls, even with the countless numbers of crying students. Groups of friends stood in their usual circles just looking at each other. No one spoke. No one moved, hoping that if they stayed still, so would time. Hoping that it was all a dream and that you would walk right through the schools front doors. You didn’t. After a while people started to move realizing that it was real. You were gone. They couldn’t change that. The crying and wailing got louder in the halls for a short while; the halls that were full of your voice, the halls that carry your stories, the halls that carry your memory. Then it became silent once more. Rivers of tears covered the halls and no one knew what to do. We still don’t. All we can do is comfort each other hoping that you’re okay… wherever you are. I drove home, frightened of the idea of being in a car. I drove past where you were hit and felt sick to my stomach from looking at the now flower covered land. Things that resembled you were strewn all over the place. Softballs, baseball bats, anything with the color blue; covered the once dry and dead grass. It’s ironic. The place where you had died was now covered with life. Not to mention, yesterday was a perfect rainy day but you met your end, and then today was beautiful but tragic. The sun and stars shone bright today, and it felt warm and comforting, just like how you once were. Everyone wonders what tomorrow will be like. Will it be the same? Will it be better? Or will it be worse? 3/8/18 Today was better. The halls weren’t as quiet but they still weren’t as loud as they used to be. People were still grieving and shedding some tears but there was a little bit of happiness in the air. Some said that it was you making sure that everyone didn’t spend the rest of their school day in sadness. People also had planned, the day before, to wear blue in your honor. I never saw so much blue in my life. Almost every student in the school was wearing blue and it was all for you. There are plans to also wear white the next day to honor the fact that you were an organ donor. So many people are making plans to honor you, showing that everyone loved and cared for you. Now we all have to do the hard part and go on with our lives knowing that you are gone. I have to go home to my parents and brothers, driving past your memorial everyday. I have to continue to work hard and get good grades so I will be able to graduate and go to an amazing college. I have to go home and continue to fill out scholarship applications. I have to go on with my life with this knowledge in mind, while I watch my younger brother start to learn how to drive. I have to move on… and so does everyone else. So how do we stop tragedies like this from happening? The problem is we can’t get rid of reckless and distracted driving. We don’t have a magic wand, we can’t create an invention that stops accidents like these completely. The only thing we can do, is prevent them from happening as much as we can. Only WE can change the outcomes. We are vehicles of change and the only way to prevent accidents from happening again is if we take action ourselves and think before we make a decision. THINK before you pick up that phone. Will that text kill you if you don’t answer it? No… it will kill you if you do. THINK before you rush and run a red light. Will it kill you if you’re late? No… it will kill you if you make the wrong decision and run the red light… ignoring the fact that another car is right in front of you. We have to change how we think and act on the road, or else more and more accidents will occur and more loved ones will be lost. We are vehicles of change and only we can change our fates if we just stop for a second and think. Not only can we change by fixing how we act ourselves but we can also take action by educating others before they make the wrong decision. Our words can make a big impact and I can only hope that these words can be the start of change.