Distracted en Route, No Longer Alive

Kate N


Tedious and tired, you drive, Eyes closing, two hours to arrive. Reach for coffee, God damn. Your foot touches the breaks, slam Eat and drive, no longer alive. Phone buzzes, ten minutes past five, Lowered your hands, in one quick strive, Eyes averted, all for a scam Wheels screech, cars are breached, a new traffic jam. Text and drive, no longer alive. Music stops, and news goes live, Enervated from trip, car in cruise drive. Hands touch dials, to pump up the jam, Air bag punches face, with a momentous slam. Distracted Driver, your no longer alive.


In 2015 alone, 3,477 lives were lost at the wheel due to distracted driving. My poem highlights some of the most common distractions that are in a car that many people might not realize actually are distractions on the road. It also grasps readers awareness by making them think about the consequences of these small actions. Many states have already put laws in place against texting, and talking on a cell phone, as well as other distractions that can lead to accidents. Evidently, this isn’t enough. People as drivers need to be aware of what there doing. The solution to distracted driving is awareness. Many people don’t realize that looking at the radio to change the channel actually takes their attention away from the road around them. I believe my poem does this in a subtle way by making drivers think about the actions they make while behind the wheel, and bringing awareness to the topic. Its through education we grow, and through knowledge we make decisions. Thats how I believe tackling distracted driving should be approached.