Why text when you can flex?

Pierre B

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Why text and drive when you can flex on your friends? No, this isn’t the type of flex in regards of muscular definition. This will come with an idea of a phone application that will be running when you’re driving that will rack up points that can be redeemed for gas. However, if you change applications then your points will be voided. The only way to close the application is when your car isn’t moving. Yes, a red light can be used as a loophole, however, if it were to be closed you will have to wait 10 minutes to open it back up. Now imagine that, driving while getting paid in points for gas at any gas station.. Easy free money. Flex on your friends that you have more points on them and have friendly competitions to see who gets the most points each week. This way you’re not distracted by your phone and make it safe for everyone on the road.